Diabetes – Blood Sugar

Diabetes: Diabetes, also called blood sugar, occurs when your blood glucose in the body exceeds a certain limit. Blood glucose gets created from the food you eat and is the main source of energy. There are mainly two types of diabetes commonly found among human beings – Type-1 and Type-2. Among these two types of diabetes Type-2 is more commonly found in middle-aged and older people and is very common these days.

Types of Diabetes

Type 1 Diabetes: In type 1 diabetes, the body stops making insulin. Also once known as juvenile diabetes or insulin-dependent diabetes this disease is very dangerous in which the pancreas almost stops producing insulin or very little insulin. Insulin, a hormone, is needed to allow glucose (sugar) to enter body cells which in turn produces energy.

As per research the Type 1 diabetes has no cure and needs management of blood sugar using regular insulin, proper diet and good lifestyle to prevent further complication. The reasons for Type 1 disease may include genetics or some viruses and usually seen appearing during childhood or adolescence, although it may develop in adults or any other age.


Type-1 Symptoms:

Increase in thirst

Extreme hunger

Weakness and fatigue

Weight loss

Frequent urination

Bed-wetting in children who previously did not have this problem

Mood changes and irritation

Blurred vision


Prevention:Type-1 diabetes is not curable unfortunately, however, researchers are looking forward to autoimmune the process. A good lifestyle is key to maintain and prevent this disease to bring further health deterioration.

TYPE 2 Diabetes: In Type-2 diabetes the body does not properly use or make insulin and after certain stage, sometimes, the body is unable to produce required insulin. Although this disease occurs among middle-aged and older people, it can develop at any age and is the most common disease found among human beings.

Severely uncontrolled type 2 diabetes may lead to excessive high blood glucose levels leading to complicated health problems and can multiply the complexity of existing health problems

Type-2 Symptoms:

Weakness and lack of energy


constant hunger

frequent urination

blurry vision

Increased thirst

pain, numbness, or tingling in your hands / feet

Prevention: Type 2 diabetes, as per evidences, can be prevented or delayed by regulating the weight, healthy food habit, and by being physically active. The following can be useful to maintain and prevent type-2 diabetes:

Proportionate weight

Controlled Blood Pressure

No smoking

Regular exercise (or be physically active)

Healthy food

Appropriate cholesterol level


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Author: Kiran Rana (Ayurveda Doctor), Complimentary Health Practitioner

Membership: Australian Natural Therapists Association

Place: Dubbo, NSW -2830