Stress:  Stress is a normal reaction of the body when there is a change in your system and surrounding which results mainly in mental and physical responses. This phenomenon is very common and applies to every human being on earth. Stress gives you a signal to get alert, think and avoid dangers and react based on the situation. For instance, if you have a very important meeting or interview, your stress level would compel you to prepare for the event with more energy and awareness. Stress is dangerous when it continues to persist for a long duration without any break or without any relief, happiness or anything positive.


Prominent Symptoms:

Mood swings, agitation, frustration, loneliness, low self-esteem

Feeling uncontrolled, uneasiness, breathlessness, muscle tension, insomnia

Pain (including chest pain), aches, heart palpitations, headaches, dizziness, jaw-clenching

Digestive and stomach problems

What causes stress?

Facing big challenges and uncertainty

Lots of work pressure or job related worries

Problems in relationships, health problems, financial problems

Other factors may include external factors like natural calamities, security threats, theft, violence etc.

When stress is not addressed properly the result may be very dangerous leading to complicated diseases such as high blood pressure, heart attack, heart disease, and many other diseases.


Remedies: Being a natural health practitioner I recommend the following steps:


Yoga (Pranayam)


Natural Health Supplements such as Ashwagandha, Green Tea

Spend time with friends and relatives

Eat healthy food and reduce caffeine

Green tea

Stress may lead to poor judgement, poor memory and many other negative sides of your personality. Prolonged stress may further deteriorate your health condition resulting to depression and anxiety.

Stress varies from individual to individual, some people are able to cope stress and some succumb to the same stress. As soon as you find any signs of stress, start finding your way to get rid of it and live a healthy life.

The book “How to talk to strangers” describes ups and downs in life.
Push past your comfort zone in order to connect with other people
Do simple acts of kindness that change lives in unexpected ways
Increase your opportunities by saying, ‘Yes’
Topics: Social anxiety, talking to strangers, confidence building, personal growth, inclusion, cross-cultural relationships, connecting cross-culturally, making friends, new friendships.
If only we open our hearts and minds and trust that the Universe makes no mistakes – Dr Emila Dauway, Oncologist, Surgeon, Author of Live Fearlessly
Acts of kindness can set off ripple effects of confidence building, helping others get out of low-points of their lives and to fulfill their dreams – Niklas Myhr, PhD, CSP – The Social Media Professor


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Author: Kiran Rana, Natural Health Practitioner

Membership: Australian Natural Therapists Association

Place: Dubbo, NSW -2830