Nasya is a Sanskrit word, which denotes “related to nose”. This therapy is very helpful to treat the heath concerns such as stress, Insomnia, migraines, memory loss, sinusitis and other sinus issues (e.g. post nasal drip etc). Nasya treatment is performed through the nostril in the form of the oil or smoke. The nose is entrance for prana (the life force) and a healthy uncongested breathing is very necessary for entire body and mind. Nasya is very good for treatment of migraine, sinus, and other nose related problems.

Nasya is the procedure of administrating medicines through nose which helps in benefitting health, the sensory organs, cleansing the supra-clavicular part of the body, and getting rid of diseases of head & neck.  Nasya treatment should be done on an empty stomach before a shower preferably. Lie down with the back rested on surface and put 5 drops of nasya in each nostril. Sniff deeply, to allow the nasya to penetrate for a good result.


Stiffness or pain on head, neck, or jaw

Sinus pain and congestion

Headache and Migraine

Toothache, receding gums, loose teeth,

Twitching or drooping eyelids

Hoarseness of voice

Tingling sensations on face

Uvulitis, Tonsillitis,

Obstruction in throat

Laryngitis, Pharyngitis

Speech disorders or loss of speech


Bell ’s palsy (facial paralysis)



Pituitary or space-occupying tumor

Lack of sexual energy

Disorders above clavicle area

Virechana (cleansing) nasya: In this nasya, herbs , dry powers are used, which are inserted into the nose. The main ingredients include brahmi (gotu kola), vacha (calamus), and jatamamsi.

Bruhana (nutritive) nasya: Bruhana is good for vata dosha. This treatment is also administered through the nose. The main ingredients are ghee, salt, medicated milk, and various other oils.

Shamana (sedative) nasya: This treatment uses medicated decoctions, the fresh juice of herbs, tea, and medicated oils. The main ingredients are vacha oil (for vata or kapha), brahmi ghee (for pitta), and tikta ghee (for vata or pitta).

Navana nasya: The treatment uses decoctions, oils fresh juices. Used for pitta-vata or pitta-kapha disorders. The main ingredients are brahmi juice (for pitta) and vacha juice (for vata or kapha).

Marshya: In Marshya a small amount of ghee or oil is put into the nostrils and a gentle massage is a done which helps to relieve the stress and opens the deep tissues.

Kati Vasti: The other major treatment is Kati vasti is very helpful to treat health concerns such as Lumbar Spondylosis, Lumbago, Sciatica, Inter vertebral disc prolapses, backache. Kati means lower back which is subjected to a therapy called Vasti (a warm medicated oil used for treatment by placing on top of lumbosacral region). This therapy is a preventive measurement to strengthen & nourish the spine. This therapy also relieves you from stiffens and pain due to physical daily routine job…… Read More.  Click to see the video

Greeva Vasti: The Greeva Vasti treatment is for neck care in which medicated oils are poured over the neck or nape area using wet flour of black gram. Greeva Vasti comes under Panchakarma treatment and operates through Sweda (sweating). After this procedure, a light massage (Abhyanga) is performed. This therapy alleviates neck and upper back conditions like cervical spondylitis, stiffness, pain due to strain etc. Few of the prescribed oils used in Greeva Vasti and in the Abhyanga massage are Ksheerabala tailam, Mahanarayana tailam, Mahamasha tailam, Til tailam… Read More.

Janu Vasti: Janu Vasti, an ayurvedic therapy, means treatment for knee joint where Janu (knee) is given treatment by warm oil called Vasti (warm medicated oil placed over the knee joint). In this therapy a warm, medicated, Dosha-specific oil is placed over the skin of knee joint for a certain amount of time. The oil is kept over a special black gram dough. This therapy has an extremely healing and soothing effect on the skin, joints, bones, muscles, and underlying structures of the knee joint… Read More.

Netra Vasti: Netra Vasti, an ayurvedic therapy, treatment is for eye care where the Netra (eyes) are covered with a pool ring of dough and medicated ghee (clarified butter) into that. The eyes are rimmed with a leak proof ring of dough where medicated ghee (or clarified butter) is slowly poured into these rings. This therapy is effective against a range of eye diseases including glaucoma, night blindness, and also to delay natural degeneration, and to improve vision… Read More.